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Algoware SharePoint Archive Manager

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Algoware SharePoint Archive Manager moves original outdated documents onto cheaper storage media and creates a tiny HTML shortcut in the SharePoint database.

SharePoint Archiving

Storage in your SharePoint Portal is becoming a challenge. It’s overflowing with documents, folders, photos, and videos which slow your portal’s performance. More time in an already crunched workday needs to be dedicated to backing up all those documents. Requests from co-workers asking to find and retrieve files just add to the problems, not to mention the difficulties of hardware failures.

Algoware Archive Manager for SharePoint Reduces Files to 1KB

Algoware Archive Manager for SharePoint directs all outdated files to a central file-storage media. It removes duplicates, stores the original file onto a cheaper storage unit, and leaves behind an HTML link. The HTML link is only 1KB. Algoware Archive Manager for SharePoint typically cuts the bloated portal size by up to 80%.

Compliance Management

Increased regulations to inspect corporate documents are becoming more common. eDiscovery is no longer a concept, it‘s an important part of business.

Everything your company creates, formats, edits, forwards, and saves are all considered fair game of e-discovery. It‘s in your best interest to take preemptive action. To help ease you into compliance, Algoware Archive Manager for SharePoint archiving delivers the features you need.

If an outdated document requires updating Algoware Archive Manager for SharePoint is able to restore the file from the file storage to the Sharepoint Portal and automatically create a new version of the document to ensure any discrepancies are recorded. Traceability of business records is essential.

Algoware Archive Manager for SharePoint archiving is a complete solution for your needs. It ensures that you can deliver what’s requested with confidence.

System Requirements

The product is officially supported on the following platforms:

  • Operating Systems: Windows Server 2003 32 / 64 bit, Windows Server 2008 32 / 64 bit
  • SharePoint versions: Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 RTM / SP1 / SP2, MOSS 2007 RTM / SP1 / SP2
  • Browser versions: Internet Explorer 6, 7, 8, Firefox 2, 3.

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